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A bridge between Paris and the island of Rhodes

The Festival « European Polyphony », a Greek-French collaboration.

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This unique multidisciplinary art institution was created in 2018 by the collaboration of the French association Arts Spontanés and Ars Artis, based in Rhodes.  


AssociatioN arts spontanÉs

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The Association Arts Spontanés has been working on a regional and international scale since 2015. The cultural association (under the French law of 1901) is specialised in performing arts and leads artistic, cultural and educational projects in the musical world. Based in Paris, its success is due to both the diversity of its artistic collaborations and in its actions to bring together European citizens through art.

Since its creation, it has dedicated its activities to :

* produce and promote all forms of art

* develop cultural projects with social and educational values (schools, hospitals, prisons, retirement homes...)

* generate artistic and cultural exchanges between European artists and facilitate both Greek and Cypriot artists' mobility

* encourage and support research in pedagogy and performing arts

* build the connection between artists and the public

Many artists (composers, musicians, performers, sculptors, actors...) chosen for their creative talents, have joined our projects to offer the public a new emotion and a different view of live performance.

The association's current main project is the Festival European Polyphony, on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The Festival was created in 2019 as a collaboration between the association Arts Spontanés and the Greek association Ars Artis.

We have created events in France, Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, at the Cabaret Sauvage, UNESCO, the Café de la danse, the Great Library of Alexandria, the medieval city of Rhodes...

You can find details about our activities on the Organization's site.

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AssociatioN ars artis

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Ars Artis is a non-profit organization, founded in Rhodes in 2018, by Savvas Karantzias. It produces and coordinates creative art productions. Its goal is to provide advice and support to artists from all creative sectors and industries. Among its projects is the promotion of disabled artists and the accessibility of cultural places to all.

Ars Artis collaborates with international artists and ensembles such as Savvas Karantzias, Panayiotis Gogos, A.Corelli Music School, Moscow Synodal Choir, Voce Anima orchestra and others.

Savvas Karantzias is also the co-founder of the European Polyphony Festival in Rhodes and its co-artistic director.

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