a voyage through art, culture, nature and the infinitive blue

Rhodes is the land for cultural tourism, a journey into history, art, nature, and taste. You can take part in the many events and activities of the Festival European Polyphony and visits at the same time archaeological sites, monuments, museums, excursions and much more…







The aim of this tour is to highlight the experience of discovering this famous landmark pedestrian, under the guidance of an expert, at your own pace (100% customizable); Most importantly, why wait in long lines, walk under the hot summer sun and crowding, when instead you can enjoy rejuvenating and pleasant afternoon walk through past civilizations and cultures?

Enjoy this walking tour with an expert in the afternoon to avoid loud crowds, big queues to the archaeological sites and the hot sun. The afternoon the temperature, the Medieval alleys and everything is easier!

French speaking guide available upon request.

A resident licensed guide introduces you to the living, breathing Unesco World Heritage.  



Surprisingly awash with forests and scented herbs, landscapes, great wine, superb gastronomic heritage, well-kept churches and buildings unique in architecture and style, Rhodes and its hidden secrets are all reserved for those who choose this off the beaten track tour.

Taste some refined island wine on a breezy patio looking out over sun-kissed rows of vines. Make your way to traditional Apollona village and sample traditional Rhodian sweets. Take a refreshing drive inland through pine and fir forests toward Profitis Ilias, walk carefully through an abandoned Italian occupation-era building and marvel at fading Byzantine frescoes in minuscule 15th-century Agios Nikolaos Foundoukli chapel.

French speaking guide available upon request.

Capture the essence of AUTHENTIC Rhodes through a wine tasting and gastronomy experience.


One of the top (if not the top) traditional restaurants on the island (proud member of Aegean Cuisine & Greek Cuisine Award 2019) is our setup for this cooking lesson; Located at a tiny mountain village, it honors respectfully Rhodes traditions. Led by the restaurant owner, ‘’a living legend of Rhodes’’, this genuine culinary experience also encourages you to walk inside the botanic garden to collect the meal’s fresh ingredients (Mediterranean herbs and vegetables). Follow the instructions of the chef and enjoy the fruits of your effort: A delightful meal with flavors that convey the true taste of Rhodes, set in a rustic open-air dining space with lush views.

This cookhouse is an unassuming mecca for food travelers in Rhodes, a bridging of cultures that allows travelers to cook & taste the best, most unpretentious cuisine Rhodes has to offer to the world.

French speaking guide available upon request.


Try your hand at the rhodian kitchen.


Sail along the most beautiful shores and the most wonderful bays of Rhodes Island stopping for fun dives, snorkeling and swimming is hard to describe in words. Kallithea Bay, Anthony Quinn' s Bay, Ladiko Bay, Traounou Bay, each one has a unique beauty for you to explore! This full day sailing trip includes also lunch on board-the sea experience can get you very hungry!- and hotel pick up and drop.


Sail along the beautiful coastline of Rhodes. A trip you will always remember!  



The Valley of Butterflies is one of the most attractive destinations on the Island and an excellent place for those who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature. You will love the peaceful walk through the shaded, green valley with its small river and the beautiful waterfalls. The period with the most butterflies in the valley is from late May until mid September, so most probably you won’t see butterflies, but you will enjoy the aesthetic value of this unique nature reserve.  

Now that you met one of the most renowned places in Rhodes, are you also aware that in ancient times Rhodians were considered the largest wine merchants in the Mediterranean? Today’s wines are excellent too. Find out yourselves by visiting a nearby family-run vineyard and winery. Wine is not only to drink, is to smell, observe, taste, sip and To talk about it (Henry VII) and these are exactly what we are going to do.

French speaking guide available upon request.

The must see and the must drink tour!  



With this private tour, you visit the most popular village on the island and you experience one of the must things to do in an easy and convenient way, at your own pace. You also meet the long Rhodian tradition of ceramics by one of the Island craftsmen. Flexible itinerary that permits you to see the sights that interest you most. Meet the long yet dying Rhodian tradition of ceramics only a handfull of families still practicing on the island and experience the authentic Rhodes.

French speaking guide available upon request.


No one leaves Rhodes without visiting Lindos! Meet also the long Rhodian tradition of ceramics by one of the few left Island craftsmen.  



Who said that Rhodes is all about cosmopolitan resorts and sunny beaches? Landscapes of wild beauty, authentic villages, exciting routes, hidden beaches, and charming tavernas that honour the gastronomic heritage of Rhodes are all to be discovered or…hiked!

Join us to explore the other side of Rhodes Island, guided by by exceptionally knowledgeable locals.

French speaking guide available upon request.

French speaking guide available upon request.

- Hike Towards the Ancient City of Kamiros.

Experience a hike in the mountain while enjoying wonderful views to the blue sea and a visit to the ruins of Ancient Kamiros!


- Hike Rhodes Inland (Mt. Profitis Ilias).

Enjoy the flora and scenery of inland Rhodes. Hike through woods, visit a natural spring and medieval chapel; and enjoy a traditional local picnic.


- Coastal Hiking (explore west Rhodes).

Kritinia village is one of the most unspoiled villages of the Island. From there, you can hike your way with panoramic sea views down to the turquoise water of Glyfada beach walking through the pinewoods. enjoy an authentic lunch of Greek recipes with fresh home-grown vegetables at the seaside tavern.


- Hike Akramytis Mt. & Monolithos village.

The Green Mountain with the endless Blue View! One of the most beautiful walking paths on the island! Ascend Mt. Akramytis, absorb bird’s-eye Aegean views, visit a cave, walk the mountain village of Monolithos and enjoy lunch at the most charming café of the Island.


- Hike the beautiful east Rhodes.

Discover the beautiful east side of the Island and enjoy the magnificent view from a peaceful and quiet trail. An old monastery, a river, a path rich in pine trees, magnificent sea views, a really long coast line and a magnificent natural scenery for lunch all in one route!

French speaking guide available upon request.

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