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Indoor Venues | Μedieval City


Palace of the
Grand Master

The Palace is a rectangular building, with a large inner courtyard. It was constructed in the beginning of the 14th century by the Knights of St John at the northwest point of the Medieval city, the site of the ancient and byzantine acropolis.


Today the Palace functions as a museum, hosting the collection of the Classical and Hellenistic periods of Rhodes and the Byzantine Icons Collection of the city.

It can be accessed on foot through any of the gateways of the medieval town.


St George monastery and bastion

St George monastery consists of three buildings of monastic cells and the post byzantine church of 14th-15th century A.D., around a central courtyard. During the ottoman period the monastery was converted to a holy teaching school (mendresse) and the church into a mosque. The impeccable restoration of the place, completed in 2006 by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, received the EUROPA NOSTRA award.

The Bastion of St George, just beside St George monastery, one of the most prominent bastions of the medieval moat, has a rectangular arched hall, used for many years for all kinds of events.

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Inn of France

The knights came from various European states and every state was called “ Tongue”. Each tongue had its own inn in the northern area of the medieval city. Τhe inn of Auverne is seated in Argyrokastrou square, the inn of England in Museum square, while the inn of Germany has not been identified. Most of the inns are situated on the street of the knights. On the north side, the inns of France, Italy and Provence have been reconstructed during the Italian occupation and today function as offices and consulates.


Lady of the Castle

The Church of our Lady of the Castle, an inscribed cruciform type of church dating back to the 11th century, was the Orthodox Cathedral of Rhodes in Byzantine era, becoming the Latin cathedral of the Knights. During the ottoman occupation it was converted into a mosque, with an arched porch and a minaret constructed at its entrance. The additions were demolished during the Italian occupation. The church is hosting cultural events.


Outdoor Venues | Μedieval City

Lady of the Burgum

The Church of our Lady of the Burgum was constructed in the late 14th - early 15th century. The three arches of the sanctuary are preserved to their entire height, as well as the west wall and remnants of the side chapels. It is approximately 30 m. long, about 14 m. wide and quite possibly had a transept.


Musical concerts and events often take place in it.

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